In BIG Academy we dedicate our high school program to the preparation of each student-athlete for the demands of the university environment, with the purpose of achieving integral development towards academic success. It is done through our innovative teaching methodology, unmatched in terms of academic opportunities. In BIGA, we build character. Our study program creates an atmosphere that encourages intellectual teamwork and experimental learning.

















AESA Prep International is a private school, that offers online and on-site educational programs from 8th to 12th grade. Our partners also offer learning programs in locations all over the world. These programs are based in those used by AESA Prep Academy in Austin, Texas, under the same principle: students should not have to compromise the quality of their education when doing extracurricular activities.


Our educational model is adapted to all students who need more flexibility in their education. For instance, many of our students are elite athletes who spend many hours training and competing. The time and travels which that implies makes it hard for them to assist high school classes normally. AESA not only offers a program that satisfies those specific needs, but also does it by providing a solid education that prepares its students for their future university years. With AESA, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.


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