Student Service


General services to students and their parents is a priority for SPORT BY FLAG in the development of BIGA. That’s why we placed in front of this task someone with an organizational profile. Santiago Marcet leads a highly competent team to face any need that might pop up, so that the student experience is as perfect as it can be.


Transport to the student residence, school, high-school, university or RC Golf el Prat are covered by SPORT BY FLAG’s transportation service, every day of the week.

Tutoring Service

Tracing of the student’s academic progress belongs to a scheme of tutors with the mission of controlling, encouraging and helping those who need it the most in their adaptation period.

Medical Care

The student’s stay has the coverage of the best health insurance in Barcelona, in the prestigious clinic TEKNON, as well as periodic physical and psychological tests.

Communication with parents

Through telematic and written reports, the information department keeps a close link with th student's parents, which is extended to telephonic and face-to-face reunions.

Organized Activities

There is an activity planning for students for the spare days away from the athletic and educational program.

USA Scholarships

An important effort is made for those students who have contributed positively to the program personally, that can get them involved in our Scholarship Program for upper-level university studies in the USA.