Barcelona International Golf Academy is unmatched in terms of  program design and quality.


In order to ensure complete athletic development, we offer high performance training developed and validated through many years, the objective of which is helping the student reach his or her fullest potential, both in sports and in life. BIGA's field program trains golfers who can can compete anywhere in the world at the highest level.


Our method is based in the perfect integration between academic progress, athletic training, and the development of social responsibility and character.


We support our students's maturation process through the incorporation of the necessary traits to reach any goal and overcome life's challenges.


This evolved educational focus will result in thousands of athletes graduating from BIG Academy with the best preparation, young adults ready to achieve their goals with honesty and ambition.




Young athletes wish to move forward and want to be tested against others. In order to properly motivate them, the trainer needs to have the following factors in mind.

The athlete:


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Needs to be interested. An athlete without interest has a closed mind, and failure to change this mindset will have bad consequences for the athlete's development.


Needs to be enthusiastic, wishing to get involved and participate. One needs to be suspicious of a young athlete that lacks enthusiasm. An enthusiastic learner always thrives. He or she needs to have good references and the firm purpose to embrace the right values. It is important to watch good players in a game, seeing in them the values that the athlete pursues. Those values are not only technical, but also behavioral. Attitudes and habits are formed when observed in others, particularly those who the athlete admires. That is why the importance of prominent players and trainers cannot be understated when it comes to establishing the right patterns for the young athletes to follow. Taking advantage of these learning methods is crucial for trainers if they want to make a change for the better.


Will learn with adequate practice and repetition. With regard to practice, quality is more important than quantity. Nevertheless, results will be better the most time it is dedicated to practice once quality has been accomplished.


Will learn knowing the outcomes of his or her work. The greater an athlete's progress, the more he or she will be motivated to practice. Adequate training implies setting goals for players so that they can measure their progress, a task that belongs exclusively to the coach.


Will learn to be challenged. Progress assumes a continuous process to reach that which was once unreachable. That is why progress can never be achieved working only within one's limits, and players need to face challenges and other players of a greater level in order to keep making steps forward, always within a reasonable margin. Coaches need to establish those challenges carefully, adapting to the young athlete's success probability.


Will learn with faith. Nobody will never achieve more that what he or she thinks is possible. The question then is: What is possible? A lot of us underestimate what we are able to achieve. At the same time, many of us are inspired by hope, even though hope doesn't always match reality. Coaches need to inspire and encourage players to make an effort in order to improve their expectations, which will let them achieve their goals.  


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