BIG Academy provides a supportive environment that gives the best of student-athletes. It is based in an academic path in which all its participants have the chance to study in one of the most renowned universities in the USA. This is done through reduced class groups, which allows for excellence in teaching, promotion of creativity, discussion and individual tutorship.


In BIG Academy, we believe that critical thinking and learning with independence from one's particular abilities are crucial factors for preparing students to reach academic level. We inculcate these principles in all of our study programs. Our teaching methods evolve continuously to satisfy the demands of modern education.


Our classes offer creative courses, with low student-teacher ratio, and schedules looking to consolidate a solid work habit.


From the perspective of our experience, we know the demanding nature of being a student-athlete, and we make an effort to provide a constructive balance between classes and athletic training. For each academic year, the material and the objectives pursued in daily classes are guided by the standards set by each department.

High School
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